Allow us to reintroduce ourselves.

We’ll be the first to admit it…

We should have done this a long, long time ago. 

You see, BAM is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary — and over the years, we’ve successfully conceived content marketing strategies for global brands like PepsiCo, Durex, Enfamil, and so many other amazing clients.

And yet, somehow, until just this moment, we’ve never had our own blog.

Kind of embarrassing, isn’t it? 

Consider that fixed. We now have an official space where we can share our team’s diverse and passionate views into the worlds of culture, brand-building, and digital technology. And while we plan on covering a wide range of topics, we’ll always be guided by the same creative principle — the one that’s been proudly painted across our agency walls for years:

A little something we call Careiosity™ 

(Yes, we actually trademarked it).

We define Careiosity as the act of being caring and curious at the same time, with the intention to create real and valuable impact. Because if you’re curious enough to learn how people (not “consumers”, but real people) actually feel — and if you care enough to make the journey towards a solution truly matter….well, in our experience, that’s when the magic happens. 

For us, it all starts at home. The spirit of Careiosity has helped us create a rock-solid agency culture, landing us spots on fancy lists like Canada’s Top 100 Employers and the 32 Top Creative Agency Startups and Companies in Canada

But more importantly, it’s an attitude that seems to ring true with all our clients and collaborators. When we put out a survey years ago asking what made BAM different, the same response we received time and again was “you guys just care more”. 

How’s that for a competitive advantage? 

We’re curious to see where it all takes us next. And if you care to join us, we’ll be posting more thoughts right here….on the agency blog that’s been 25 years in the making.