Planning and placing media is all about the fine balance between volume and efficiency.  If we truly believe in the importance of making the journey matter (and we do), then it’s important to recognize the implications of the media placements selected for a plan and how they can work to accompany consumers along their journey. 

Media has evolved and will continue to evolve, but one thing that remains constant is the need to build a media plan that drives business outcomes, and goes beyond the simple impression or click to determine “success”. Today we can measure audience actions, interactions, reactions and sentiment. Our approach begins with understanding the desired outcome and building an approach that focuses on driving that outcome for our clients.  

We spend time making sure we understand audience behaviours, media usage and intent, and understanding their journeys. Our media plans are detailed and hold us accountable to working toward those audience outcomes.  And once launched, our relentless team puts Careiosity into action.  We evaluate performance on a daily basis to make the adjustments needed to drive the results we are seeking.  We do all this keeping our clients up to date on results, being transparent about our performance and working together to bring improvements that will drive their business forward. 

The team believes in data autonomy, and seeks to empower our clients with the knowledge they need to keep themselves (and their peers) informed and to make informed business decisions.  We use the data at our fingertips to better inform ourselves for future programs – building a stronger and more satisfactory experience for all.

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