We’ve learned a lot from our awesome team of Account Directors during Covid. They’ve really demonstrated what Careiosity means to them and went the extra mile to make sure our clients were tended to and felt special during this difficult time. 

We sat down with them to get their impressions on the last couple years. 

1- When it comes to communicating and managing your relationships with your clients, what has been the biggest difference/challenge for you while WFH? 

“For me, working from home has meant getting to know my clients on a more personal level. We get a glimpse into people’s homes, see their kids pop into video calls, and see them get called away when the doorbell rings. It has made us relate to each other a little more, and made us sympathetic to each other’s challenges.” Jill B. Senior Client Partner

“The volume of meetings has increased, so video fatigue is definitely real, and common availability is hard to find. Additionally, nothing creates a bond with a client like having a meeting, a lunch or a dinner together in person, where you can see the nuances of body language, facial expressions, have one-to-one conversations, etc. Definitely missing that.” Marie K. – Senior Client Partner

 2- What have you done personally to facilitate communication during this time? 

“Nothing much changed in terms of frequency of communication. The only main difference would be switching from phone to video calls” Louise S. – Account Director

3- Tips to maintain client relationships while working remotely?

“Video calls and being vulnerable – be honest and transparent about stuff because with all meetings being video calls it’s important that what shows on your face is what you speak.” Gurbani N. – Account Director

“Video calls, making room for small talk, being open and vulnerable, being genuinely interested in our clients lives and allowing them to also be open and vulnerable, scheduling in 1on1 chats (since in group meetings, you can’t really have a side conversation with someone), and virtual lunches.” Marie K. – Senior Client Partner

4- What tool/technology has helped you the most? 

Unanimously Zoom, Google docs and Teams. 

5- What about onboarding or breaking the news an employee will have to be replaced? Any experience, tips to share? 

“We created a great onboarding experience for our clients where we set the tone for a fun, open and real relationship. We conducted a survey containing a bunch of questions around preferences. It helped us kickoff the project on a great note and it set the right tone for all our future communication” Gurbani N. – Account Director

6- Can you give me a few words on your biggest challenges and wins when it comes to team management while working remotely? 

“A huge win for me is being able to expand my team outside of Montreal. Over the last year and a half we have met such amazing candidates and not having to worry about where they are located has helped to build a solid team with so many different and strong skill sets.“ Brittany W. – Account Director

“Biggest win: Because the contact points have to be scheduled, basically daily, it’s kind of like having more individual one on ones which allows the employee to open up a bit more, ask more questions, and share whatever is on their mind.” Louise S. – Account Director
“Biggest challenge: Not being able to walk up to your team to have a quick 5 min discussion, but having to schedule a call instead. Chatting back and forth takes so much more time!”Jill B. – Senior Client Partner

What were your biggest challenges or revelations during this pandemic? Comment below.