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Hit us with your cheesiest shot.

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Who says carnies can’t be lovable? 

BAM teamed up with Tasty Rewards & Chester Cheetah to create this mischievously interactive carnival game in support of a national on-pack promotion. 

By entering UPC codes from their favourite Cheetos snacks, visitors were given the chance to compete head-to-head against Chester in a game of accuracy and reflexes, for a chance to win some rare Cheetos swag + cash prizes. 

Our dynamic landing page offered unique play pathways based on the province and gaming route users chose. The interactive promo became a shining star for PepsiCo Foods Canada, boasting sky-high visit, participation, and engagement rates. 

No giant teddy bears were harmed in the making of this contest.

Aiming for deeper engagement

Pulling in players with an immersive landing page
Chester lays down the rules

A custom designed gamified promotion
Interactive UX and entry interface