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Partnering with the world’s #1 condom brand 

Lovingly conceived by BAM, Durex Canada’s new creative platform “Nothing Feels Better” takes direct aim at the juvenile and (sadly) all-too-familiar excuse that sex doesn’t feel as good with a condom — a key barrier to adoption that most sexual health brands nervously avoid.    

This rally cry has also shaped content for our CRM program and wildly popular social content (the only time we like to go viral). It’s also at the heart of our “Sex 101” education platform, where we’ve partnered with dozens of TikTok creators, podcasters, educators, pharmacists and erotic experts to encourage real conversations about "all the things you wish they taught in sex ed".    

An always-on calendar of new product promotions, community engagement, Pride investments, and even a Date Night card game have helped us keep the spark alive with Canadians. In fact, our consumer-comes-first approach has helped Durex achieve their highest ever market share month-over-month.

a national brand platform

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On-set product photography
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Staging an authentic set design
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Directing the perfect shot
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Making some on-set adjustments
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Nothing feels better than the final shot
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Bringing the brand aesthetic to life