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years of growth with Enfamil & Enfagrow.

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Fuelling the Wonder

For over a decade, Enfamil and Enfagrow have trusted BAM to connect parents with the #1 trusted choice of Canadian pediatric hospitals for infant formula and nutritional drinks. 

We’ve gone beyond just marketing to build meaningful consumer relationships and user journeys with My Family Beginnings by Enfamil A+, a personalized CRM program that accompanies and informs parents every step of the way - from prenatal right through late toddlerhood. 

Our digital campaigns and social presence focus on education and empowerment that celebrate the joys of parenthood and proper nutrition, together. The efforts don’t stop there! Understanding that parenting can be both challenging and rewarding, we help bring more memorable moments of impact through surprise and delight initiatives, exciting contests, and giveaways. 

Our goal is simple: to ensure parents feel confident, connected, and informed by a brand that’s dedicated to healthy nutrition and development for our precious little ones.

12+ year    
and counting

Custom produced Mother’s Day bundle box
Capturing more bright-eyed brand assets
Photography session with some adorable talent
Father’s Day promotion for CRM + social
Creating highly relatable social content for mom and dad
Members-only gift box giveaway
Sparking genuine conversations on social
Remixing Father’s Day with a personalized promotion
Hopping on the latest trends
Creating moments of meaning with a members-only giveaway
A special delivery for expecting mothers